ARCP Requirements

Northwest School of Anaesthesia


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Completion of training in anaesthesia involves satisfying the requirements of the North West School of Anaesthesia, the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the General Medical Council.

The ARCP is a 12-monthly review of progress through the training scheme and is independent of the progession through phases of training. Everybody enrolled on the training programme in the region will be invited to attend an ARCP every year, including those training on a less than full time basis.

The aim of this site is to state explicitly the requirements for a satisfactory outcome at ARCP. This benefits trainees, who have a clear blueprint of their requirements; educational supervisors, who are able to offer consistent guidance; and the ARCP panel, who are presented evidence in a consistent format. As a reference, the ARCP Panel A use this proforma to guide outcome at:

ARCP panels will reviewing evidence within the Lifelong Learning Platform ten working days (two weeks) prior to the advised date of your ARCP. Any evidence added after this cut-off date will not be considered as part of your ARCP outcome. It is strongly recommended that trainees keep their LLP up-to-date and stay on top of these requirements.

Specific guidance for those training less than full time is available.

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